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Configure now your insect screen on measure!
Configure now your interior door on measure!


Unlike other mosquito screen, the ProYourHome insect screen allow you to carry out a simple DIY assembly without having to drill holes in the wall thanks to its innovative expansion fixing system.

Have fun creating the perfect insect screen by entering the dimensions of the French door/window opening where the insect screen will be inserted and customize the colours of the structure by choosing them among the available finishes.

Our insect screens use a new technology that allows you to install this innovative product without using drills or dowels, but with the sole aid of a simple Allen key which permit a total and resistant adhesion of the screen side guides to the wall. Installing an insect screen will be child’s play by following our videos and our assembly instructions.


Fall in love with our high quality, totally made-on-measure and customizable interior doors.

Enter the dimensions of the wall opening following our instructions on how to take measurements correctly and precisely. Give vent to your creativity: choose the door model you like best, match the handle and type of lock you prefer and customize the colour by choosing it from a very wide selection.

All models can be lacquered in multiple RAL, NCS, F&B colours, and even in sample colours on request. The lacquering is carried out with a water-based paint which guarantees a solution with low environmental impact and in full compliance with European regulations.

From the simplest completely smooth model, to models with high quality designs and groovings: it’s impossible not to find the right model for you!

Customize your own product in a matter of clicks

With our configuration system it will be super easy to create products on measure for your home. Our online-configurator allows you to design a totally personalized item.

Create your ad-hoc product on measure, which perfectly adapts to your needs by combing style, design and functionality. You can choose the dimensions and finishes that you prefer among the available ones and, in order to make your purchase more and more performing and personalized, you can also add innovative optionals to it. On our website you are also going to find a page which is totally dedicated to our installing videos to make this purchase experience unique in all of its phases. For more details, do not hesitate to contact us!


We partner with Italian companies, who care about the quality of materials and use all their know-how to realize home products that fully meet the customer’s needs


We guarantee assistance in several languages to provide assistance to our customers in English, Italian, German, French and Spanish


We provide totally customizable products when choosing dimensions and finishes


We provide a configurator easy to use, where the customer can design an item that perfectly adapts to his/her needs