The door slab is 44mm thick. The perimetral inside of the door is made up of a 50mm component in solid wood, while the internal structure is of the honeycomb type. Eco Honeycomb is made with 100% recycled paper. The internal structure is honeycomb-type in 100% recycled kraft paper, hot pressed with 5mm MDF sheets.

All models can be lacquered in multiple RAL, NCS, F&Bc colours and in sample colours on request. We use a water-based lacquer which guarantees a low environmental impact solution as it is non-toxic, in full compliance with European regulations. This technique guarantees the finish and original shine for a long time (3 coats of lacquer 10±5 final gloss).

Concealed hinges adjustable on three axes, with new satin chrome aluminum cover with CLIP fixing.

New acoustic seal (that is to say the weather stripping) in high density polyurethane foam. The available finishes are white, ivory and anthracite grey and are combined based on the desired finish of the door. The new shape completely eliminates the passage of direct light, guaranteeing the complete closure of the door slab. Prepared on all swing doors

Magnetic lock with anti-wear and anti-noise Teflon latch, complete with strike plate. Choose from the various options:

  • Without lock: minimal option, with only the handle and no key cylinder.
  • Classic lock: lock with a universal key (nr. 11, patent for AGB door locks).
  • Yale lock: key with unique encryption. Upon request it is possible to make an encrypted key that opens multiple Yale lock doors.
  • privacy /bathroom lock: this type of lock is equipped with a lever which, if moved to a horizontal position, allows the door to be closed, while rotating the lever to a vertical position unlocks the opening of the door.

The materials used for the doors (both frames and MDF door slabs), are water-repellent, with limited impact in case of contact with water.
The doors are also edged with IPER 4 BOARD on the lower edge to completely seal the panel on all 4 sides against humidity and moderate splashes of water.

The materials used for the doors, semi-finished products and wood products are mostly CARB and EPA certified. CARB certification (California Air Resource Board) aims to reduce formaldehyde emissions from the base materials used.

The Forest Stewardship Council® is an international non-governmental organization that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically sustainable management of the world’s forests. To learn more, visit
To obtain the certificate with the entire chain of custody procedure, it is necessary to specify it when ordering.

Smooth Lacquered Door

The most essential, smooth and uniform door. Its uniformity enhances the quality of the materials and water-based lacquering, accenting the details and opening technology.

Download the file with this model’s technical features

Classic Collection

These models feature a double thickness paneling. This panel door is made with 3 coats of 10±5 final gloss lacquering, with pantographing and engraving on multiple levels.

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Modern Collection

The pantographed lines in low relief give these models a modern and essential design. The door is made with 3 coats of 10±5 final gloss lacquering, with geometric pantographing and low relief engraving.

Download the file with this model’s technical features