Make sure you take the measurements starting from the door opening in the wall going through the following instructions and precautions:

  • No door must already be installed in the door opening at the time the measurements are taken. If you currently have a door installed in the opening that you need to replace, you will need to disassemble both the door and frame to properly take wall-to-wall measurements.
  • When taking measurements, the floor must already be laid. The measurements required for the configuration are in fact “finished” measurements which take for granted the presence of the floor and the end of masonry work.
  • Make sure that the floor and internal wall sides of the opening where the door is to be installed are straight and level.
  • The skirting board must be installed after the doors and its casings have been installed. If it is already installed, the customer will be responsible for cutting it on site where necessary to adapt it to the new installation.
  • If there are tiles on the wall (e.g: bathroom or kitchen door), when taking measurements, it will also be necessary to take into account the thickness of the tile when measuring the thickness of the wall.

The opening in the wall where the door will be installed must be measured with the greatest possible precision.
Then proceed with measuring the depth of the finished wall (which must therefore also include the thickness of the plaster and tiles if present close to the wall opening).

It will be necessary to measure the width and height of the wall opening at different points and levels and enter the measured values in the configurator. If by measuring in different points of the opening the dimensions are different, please insert the smallest measurement during the configuration phase.

Attention: if the wall thickness varies slightly while measuring it at various levels, please enter the largest dimension during the configuration phase.

The method of correctly taking measurements does not change if there is only masonry or if a wooden counter-frame has been installed by the construction company.


During the configuration phase, you will be asked to define the swing direction.
The door opens by pushing. Consequently, the door can be pushed to the right (hinges on the right and handle on the left) or to the left (hinges on the left and handle on the right).

To sum up…